A Berger children who are experiencing difficulty with aspects of their learning, or who have emotional or behavioural difficulties, will be given extra support.

This support can be either in the classroom, working individually, or in groups outside the classroom. It may be temporary or long term.

We endeavour to identify pupils experiencing some form of difficulty as early as possible. We assess these children and set up programmes of work accordingly. We expect to work closely with parents. Reviews occur twice a year, when parents/carers are invited to assist in, evaluate and amend Individual Educational Programmes (IEPs) to ensure the most appropriate education for their children.

SEND Code of Practice

The SEN Code of Practice, to which schools, early education settings, LAs and others must by law have regard, promotes a common approach to identifying, assessing and providing for all children’s special educational needs. Schools meet most children’s learning needs through “differentiation” of the curriculum, which means teachers tailoring their approaches to suit individual pupils’ different learning needs and styles.

Where children do not respond to differentiation and do not make adequate progress, there is a need for the school to do something additional or different. This school-based SEN provision is described in the Code as School Action and School Action Plus.

SEND and Statutory Assessment

Children meeting the SEN criteria will receive a Statutory Assessment with the Local Authority and if they receive a statement they will be provided with a specific amount of money to be spent on teaching time, learning support assistant time or resources appropriate to the child’s needs.

SEND Facilities

The school has a designated area for children with SEN including parent teaching room, creche, SEN teaching room and multi-sensory room. This area is fully accessible to all pupils with SEN and the teaching of SEN groups.

SEND Local Offer

You can download our full Local Offer from our policies page. Please see below information about SEND at Berger Primary School.

Berger Primary School SEND Information Report 2