Art and Design at Berger


At Berger, Art and Design is utilised as a lens through which objectives in the wider curriculum can be accessed, achieved and enjoyed.  Through engaging with the practice of Art and Design, children develop their mastery of physical techniques (for example – painting, drawing, sculpting , printmaking) as well as their skills in critical thinking and problem solving.

Our Art and Design curriculum celebrates who we are.   Children explore the work of a wide range of artists, architects and designers, crossing boundaries of time, culture, method and materials.  They look at representative, abstract and conceptual art critically and consider how this work has shaped society’s wider development.  How can art change things?

Researching, planning and creating visual art gives Berger children the opportunity to be expressive in how they communicate their learning.

Exposure to a wide range of materials and techniques every year ensures that children’s abilities progress throughout their time at Berger.