Forest School 2017- 2018

Today was our first trip to fgorest school. What a great time we had exploring hackney Marshes.

Week 4: Children collected leaves to make Hape Zome leaf prints. They used hammers to bash the leaf print onto the material. Children also enjoyed exploring the undergrowth for mini beasts. They discovered all sorts!! They looked carefully at them using bug boxes and magnifiers.

Week 5: This week we used clay and natural objects from the environment to make mini beasts and creatures we might see in the forest. We also learnt how to whittle sticks safely using penknives and sticks. Some children used them to make mud drawings.

Autumn 2: Week 1: The children enjoyed exploring forest school this week, they hunted for mini beasts and enjoyed exploring the new environment.

Week 4: Children have been learning to whittle using a stick. They have made them into pens which they used with mud to draw on trees.

Week 5: The children enjoyed the story; We're going on a bear hunt. They acted it out and hunted for the bears hiding in the trees and caves.