Spring 2

Week 1:

A new group of children started forest school this week. They had the opportunity to explore the area and take part in various activities. These included mud painting, hunting for mini beasts and climbing trees. we ended the session with a game of tug of war.

Week 2:

This week children practised using tools. They learnt how to use a drill and a penknife with care and control. Children drilled holes in pieces of wood and made them into tree decorations. They also whittled sticks into pencils and made mud paint to decorate the trees.

Week 3: Children used tools to make decorations for the trees and whittled sticks into pencils for mud painting. They explored their surroundings hunting for a range of mini beasts.

Week 5: Children spent time today making clay mini beasts to find homes for. they hunted for mini beasts and whittled sticks and use sticks and logs to make music. It was great so many parents were able to come.

Week 5:
We were prepared for the wet weather this week and decided to make shelters in case of rain. The children worked together to decide how to make a shelter that would keep them dry. They enjoyed having hot chocolate and a biscuit under it.