Physical Education (PE)
PE lessons at Berger are fun, vibrant and inclusive. Children learn and develop both the techniques and tactics they need to enjoy and excel at a wide range of sports and physical activity as well as the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. Through PE our children enhance transferable skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership which helps them to succeed beyond their PE lessons. While our curriculum builds upon sports, which the children are familiar with. It also develops their sporting cultural capital by ensuring they experience and appreciate sports which are often new to them and their families such as rugby, gymnastics and netball.

Berger Daily Mile
Each day children and adults at Berger come together to enjoy running or walking a mile around the school grounds. This has not only helps to improve our cardiovascular fitness and stamina but also develops children’s concentration and resilience in a fun and active way.

At Berger we see children to enjoying and learning from competitive sport as being both a key aspect of our PE curriculum and an ideal opportunity to further challenge high attaining children. We are committed to giving our children opportunities to represent their school, and where successful it may also include their borough, as wide a range of sports are available. Crucially children representing our school uphold our values of being caring and resilient competitors.

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