Year 2 Willow

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10th September WOW day: Great Fire of London

This morning we all went to bed on the carpet then suddenly we could hear “Fire! Fire!” Oh no! We learnt about how the Great Fire of London was started in a bakery on Pudding Lane. We even got to have ago at making our own spiced buns the recipie that might have caused the fire!!

We got to explore our outdoor provision, using resources to find out more about what happened and what life was like. We used construction materials to make buildings - making sure they were close together as this is one of the reasons the fire spread so quickly. We drew with chalks what we thought the city of London would look like when it was burning.

We ended the day through dance we walked, skipped and jogged through the maze of narrow winding London streets, we became bakers mixing, kneading and putting heaving trays of delicious goods in the oven. Then we became the fire starting small until we were ‘monsters’ of a fire sweaping the city! We ended by becoming fireman pumping the water as we sung London’s Burning. What a tiring job! Phew